How to Get Pushed to the Top of Google for Free

Please, not more clickbait content. Nope, it’s true, and you’re likely missing out.

What do most people go to Google for? Why do they visit Google in the first place, and what are they most likely to type in the search bar?

A question. Millions of them, every day.

How do I …? What is the…? Why are there…? When will the…? What’s the best way to…? What time is…? What channel is…? Who starred in …? How far is it to…? When did…?

There are myriad question to ask, but they each have one thing in common — they beg an answer, a solution, a fact, a tip, a lesson, an insight. Whatever you want to call it, it’s an answer. So who, exactly, is answering these questions?

With so many people asking questions, and Google's goal being to provide content that is the most relevant to the search phrase, guess what? Google loves websites that provide answers. And the best way to provide answers is with FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) directly on your website.

So, how will this get your website pushed towards to the top of Google search results for free?

Intrigued? Find out here:

About the author: Clive Wilson

I write about Marketing, Business Development and Life ¦

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